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An excellent alternative to decorate your home

07 Feb 2018
By Mark Hayhurst

Chalk painted furniture isn’t something that’s going out of fashion for a while and the only thing that’s held it back is its application.

Myriad brushes and multiple types of paint have all vied for the top spot over the last few years but the introduction of a spray chalk paint may have changed all that.

As with most other brands, Plastikote’s ultra matt finish, water-based chalk paint can be applied directly to bare wood and provides a fairly good coverage with one spraying.

Older, stained, varnished and generally battered pieces would benefit from a good rub down and a couple of thin coats of Plastikote Primer to even out the surface.

The colours available are Pale Rose, Antique White, Dark Hessian, Old Hessian, Frost Blue, Pastel Green and Caffe Espresso.

Papercraft Designer Corinne Bradd: “My main worry was that the size of the chalk particle would block the spray can. This can happen occasionally but is overcome by simply lifting the nozzle from the top of the tube and shaking the can regularly while spraying. Short bursts work better than continual spraying and appear to give a better and more controlled coverage.

Plastikote chalk paint is perfect for mixed colour, stencilled and distressed techniques. Its large palette of fashionable vintage style shades give you an excellent alternative to decorate your home.”


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