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Accu-Flex Top Selling Beading Wire

04 Mar 2013
By David Coe

Top-rated Accu-Flex professional-quality beading wire is strong, flexible, kink-resistant and easy to knot and crimp. Accu-Flex beading wire utilises an advanced wire-bundling technology, resulting in increased strength and durability, while still maintaining flexibility for a nice drape. Trusted for quality, Accu-Flex beading wire is a great value for designer-artists and resellers alike. The specialist beading wire comes in a variety of different materials including stainless steel, 24K gold-plated, silver-plated, .925 sterling silver, brass and nickel/titanium. You can also choose the right size and strand count to suit your stock range. This professional quality beading wire also comes in a range of colours, complete with a nylon coating, using popular pantone shades including olive green, pearl, stormy blue and brick red, offering a selection for every season. You can also choose from three different lengths: 30ft, 100ft or 1000ft to suit. The tensile strength of beading wire is dependent on several factors: the material, the strand count, and the overall diameter of the wire. Accu-Flex is available in the following strand widths:

  • 7 strands - firmest drape: flexible and amazingly strong, sterling silver, stainless steel or brass wire
  • 19 strands - moderate drape: more flexible, sterling silver, stainless steel or brass wire
  • 21 strands - relaxed drape: very flexible, stainless steel coated in clear nylon to protect against abrasion
  • 49 strands - softest drape: most flexible, stainless steel and sterling silver wire coated in clear nylon to protect against abrasion and tarnish

As well as the exclusive Accu-flex beading wire, Fire Mountain Gems produces Accu-Cord, which has a clear nylon exterior and colourful interior of twisted stainless steel which colour coordinates with Dione large-hole beads and is available in eight colours. Not only that, but the Accu-Cord also comes in an exciting Glow-in-the-Dark pattern, which lights up in the dark when exposed to a bright light or colour.

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