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Craft Products

Fabulously Rich Shades…

01 Sep 2017

Grousemoor Chunky is a 25 per cent wool/75 per cent premium acrylic yarn, which sits alongside the ever popular Grousemoor Aran and Grousemoor DK ranges…

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TRIED AND TESTED Peakdale Craft and Hobby Products’ Birthday Board Kit

21 Mar 2017

THE BIRTHDAY BOARD is a permanent reminder of family and friend’s birthdays. You won’t spend each New Year transferring dates from one calender to another.

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TRIED & TESTED - The Airbrush Company - Neo for Iwata’s Gravity-feed Airbrushing Kit

01 Feb 2017

Airbrushing can be satisfying and give impressive results.

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Tried & Tested - Whitefurze Strong & Stackable Craft Storage

24 Nov 2016

The popular Allstore range from Whitefurze is a complete, multi-purpose craft storage solution. Available in thirty-three sizes spanning from 0.1L to 85L…

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Tried & Tested - The Airbrush Company’s Sparmax ARISM Compressor Kit

11 Oct 2016

The Sparmax Arism is a new generation of compressors with more power in smaller units. The compressor embodies the philosophy of Sparmax: raising performance and rising above expectations…

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Holly Berry Socks

03 Oct 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for a free Christmas gift from West Yorkshire Spinners. After the fantastic response to our Holly Berry print in its popular range of Signature 4ply…

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Simply Crackers Christmas Cracker Supplies

03 Oct 2016

A Christmas cracker manufacturer in the UK selling all bits and bobs directly to consumers who enjoy making their own Christmas crackers, or for shops to order crackers for retail…

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KnitPro Royal Needles

03 Oct 2016

These laminated birch wood needles, complemented with shiny brass tips, were introduced last year as a limited edition set but were so popular that KnitPro has decided introduce the complete range in individual sizes…

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