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Tradition is giving way to new wedding trends

12 Apr 2018

ImpressArt’s Laura Avitabile tells us how more and more couples are personalizing their wedding day.

Weddings are arguably the most important day of a couple’s life together.

Months, even years, sometimes go into planning the party of their lifetime, one that is historically built on classic traditions. In recent years, there has been a shift away from these century old practices, and couples have been finding ways to make their monumental day much more unique.

One of the trends that have been on the rise for millennial weddings is the addition of personalized elements with a DIY feel to various aspects of their weddings. This can range from personalized invitations and table décor, to bridal party gifts, and guest favours. Couples may even choose to have their wedding bands personalized!

Hand-stamped crafts and jewellery offer a unique and appealing technique that can contribute that personalized, DIY feel to almost any facet of a wedding. Elegant, hand stamped necklaces or bracelets are a wonderful idea for bridesmaid gifts, while personalized key chains are a great option to gift just about any loved one, from the couple’s parents to their groomsmen.

Other interesting hand stamped wedding ideas include seating cards, favours, cupcake toppers and napkin rings. These offerings provide a thoughtful, elevated touch that will stand out to guests, and make for great social media moments - which happens to be another one of those millennial wedding trends!

Last but not least, commemorative bouquet charms are part of a heartfelt trend that lends itself perfectly to hand stamping. These charms provide the bride a way to ensure that loved ones who have passed on are part of her special day.

ImpressArt provides a multitude of tools, blanks and stamping aids that will make it fun and easy for crafters of all levels to create these specialty wedding items that will take any wedding to the next level.

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