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The big 6 - what not to miss at CHSI Stitches

10 Feb 2018

1. Exhibitors.

This has to be number one – the show is packed with over 200 exhibitors which means you have a one stop shop for all of next season’s ordering. Try the products, discover new techniques and gadgets, feel the fabrics, try the yarns - do what your customers do.

2. The Presentation Theatre.

This year the all-new seminar programme will have five key themes:

The Craft Report: 2018’s revamped show brings us the results of The Craft Report, a key new piece of industry research, the results will be unveiled here first. One not to miss.

  • The Retail Environment: Top talent from retail multiples and inspirational entrepreneurs will discuss the latest trends in retail and consumer behaviour.
  • Creative Influencers: This year, the show organisers are bringing in top lifestyle magazine editors who can spot a new trend a mile off. These are the people you want to be listening to discover the next big thing.
  • Digital Marketing: Listen to examples of digital marketing excellence, learn how to take your social media activity up a notch and unravel the complexities of managing customer data and GDPR.
  • Great Customer Experience: In an ever-more competitive and challenging retail landscape, learn how retailers are vying for consumer loyalty

3. The Learning Zone.

This is the new name for the workshop area which is packed every year. This is one that needs to be booked online in advance: so get in early to reserve your place to learn new techniques to demo to your customers.

4. The New Product Catwalk.

A place to kick back (with a notebook) and watch the trends for the coming seasons brought to life on stage.

5. The Next Big Thing.

Discover innovative new talents and techniques from the UK’s hottest new designers and creators. Order in some lines that create a real talking point.

6. The Stitching Forum.

Stitching is as popular as ever and it rightly has its own dedicated area at the show. Sponsored by Madeira, Zweigart and the Royal School of Needlework, this is the place to find all the stitching products your customers will love. Exhibitor listings, workshop bookings and more information can be found at Parking is free for visitors to the show.

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