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Ten top tips to stand out on social media this Christmas

07 Oct 2019

Jessica Rose, founder of the London Jewellery School and the Jewellers Academy, offers her advice of making the most of your products online.

When it comes to selling, Christmas should be your busiest time of year. But how do you make sure you have the best sales ever? How can you stand out on social media?

1. Focus on Instagram

Right now Instagram is the place to be for jewellers and handmade artists. If you’re doing well on Facebook and Twitter then, by all means, carry on but if you’re not seeing much interaction on social media then I suggest you concentrate your efforts on Instagram over the pre-Christmas period.

2. Post regularly

It may sound obvious but being on there and posting a few times a week (or even daily) helps people find you, see you and remember you. You can work out the best time of day to post if you have a business account on Instagram. A business account is free to have and you can easily change your account to business by tapping on account settings and ‘switch to business profile’. This will then allow you to see the best time of day to post via the insights by tapping audience.

3. Please don’t describe your product!

It may sound counterintuitive but an Instagram post is not the same as a sales page on your website. Instagram is for the step before that - getting people interested in your work so don’t simply repeat your product description. So what should you share on Instagram? Tell a story. Why did you choose that gemstone? How did you go about making this piece? Why is it one of your customer favourites? Engage people don’t just sell to them.

4. Connection is key

Yes, posting on Instagram is important but connection is the key to being memorable and making sales. In the run-up to Christmas, it’s important to spend some time interacting with people. Reply to their comments. Find people you think may be interested in your work by doing a hashtag search for something you think your customers will be interested in e.g. #handmadeisbetter. Make sure you tap ‘latest’ to see posts from those that are posting right now. Compliment people and be specific about what they’ve posted. They will want to know who you are and will tap on your account to find out.

5. Use Instagram stories

A lot of people are bypassing the Instagram feed and watching the stories so make sure you’re posting there too. Stories disappear after 24 hours so you can feel a bit more relaxed about what you share and can make it more fun and engaging.

6. Hashtags

Hashtags are a way of being found by people who don’t currently follow you. Give https://www.all-hashtag. com/ a try and see which hashtags they suggest. You don’t have to use all of them but they could help you appear in a search. Also check out other makers accounts and see which hashtags they are using as there may be some you haven’t heard of.

7. Themed photos and videos

It’s a good idea to do some themed photos or mini videos to catch people’s eye for Christmas. Think Christmassy props and fun!

8. Decide whether

you’re going to do a Black Friday promo Black Friday is November 29, this year. Designer makers have found it a good time to do promotions to boost your sales. However, if it’s handmade we never compete on price so do think carefully about other promotional options e.g. free p&p, free luxury packaging etc

9. Use promoted posts

It can be worthwhile using promoted posts on Instagram around Christmas. Take a look at your posts from the previous week and promote the one that had the most engagement to boost your following and interaction.

10. Be clear about your deadlines

Make sure you know your order deadlines for bespoke pieces, overseas postage and postage in your country for arriving before Christmas. Share these regularly and do reminders as the deadlines approach. Remember, not everyone sees every post from you so don’t be afraid to share the same information more than once.

Good luck with your sales this Christmas. I hope that it’s a record year for you. Do follow us on Instagram for more tips @jewellersacademy and if you’d like to learn more I have a free Instagram course I’d love you to join me!

Note: the hints and tips are good for any business, you don’t have to be a jeweller to get something from it.

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