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Ten Predictions for Jewellery Trends

13 May 2019

What will sparkle, shine and catch the eye in 2019.

Burrells, a family-run jeweller with a collection of boutiques and a global-reaching website (, has its eye firmly on the jewellery that will define 2019. The jewellers has collectively put together its top jewellery trends for 2019, talking engagement rings, earrings, ‘heavenly’ jewellery, layering, yellow gold, personalised jewellery, unusual gemstones, drop earrings, simple diamonds and statement necklaces.

Burrells’ managing director, Ed Ferris, said: “2019 looks set to deliver both fresh new looks and timeless classics. This year has something for every budget, style and personality, whether you’re looking to update your fashion jewellery collection or invest in a sentimental piece to last a lifetime.”

Engagement rings

Bridal jewellery is always evolving and 2019 will see a mix of the traditional and the fashion-led when it comes to engagement ring trends. Expect to see more royally-inspired rings as both Megan and Eugenie’s ring choices inform designers, while the beautiful and modern halo ring looks set to continue its seemingly unstoppable rise up most-wanted lists. Surprisingly, the timeless diamond solitaire is predicted to remain as popular as ever through 2019, although square and rectangular cuts along with coloured stones are steadily growing as a popular choice for stylish brides to be.


Layering is a trend that has been growing over the last few years, but 2019 will see this modern look become bigger and bolder. From stacking rings to dramatic necklace combinations and bracelet layering, the only rule here is that more is more. So, let your imagination run wild with creative combinations. Layer styles, gemstones, and metals to create a truly bohemian finish

Ear Appeal

2018 was all about the ear, with ear huggies, ear cuffs, and ear jackets moving firmly into the mainstream. In 2019, expect to see more of the same with the layering of ear accessories providing the perfect opportunity to make a style statement. Oversized earrings, including crescent-shaped hoops, are also going to be big news for the final year of the twenty-tens, with chunky styles taking over from some of the more delicate looks we have seen this year.

Heavenly Jewellery

Constellations, stars, and signs of the zodiac have slowly been gaining in popularity as statement pieces over 2018 and this year they are going to be a firm staple of jewellery collections everywhere. Pretty, whimsical, and an easy way to add some personality to your jewellery collection, make sure you grab a heavenly piece to update your 2019 look.

Yellow gold

Over the last decade or so, many of us have fallen out of love with traditional yellow gold, with metals like platinum, rose gold, and white gold taking centre stage. Now, this classic metal is coming in from the cold, with a rise in beautiful yellow-gold designs for 2019. Add some vintage appeal to your look with a yellow-gold piece and add warmth and depth to your jewellery collection.

Personalised jewellery

It seems that we just can’t get enough of personalised jewellery. Since Carrie first wore that iconic name necklace in ‘Sex in The City’, jewellery that reflects a little something of who we are has become more and more sought after. The 2019 take on personalised jewellery is subtle and craftinspired, with initial-adorned pieces with a folksy twist amongst the most-wanted interpretations of this look.

Unusual Gemstones

Move over sapphire, emerald, and diamond, there are some new gemstones in town. In 2019, it won’t just be about the big precious gemstones, lesser-known stones like watermelon tourmaline and moonstone are quickly becoming important players on the accessory’s scene. These uniquely beautiful stones are inspiring designers to create dazzling new styles and fashion lovers to express themselves in fresh ways. The traditional stones aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, but the choice of gemstones is certainly going to get more exciting.

Drop earrings

2019 seems to be the year that many designers have decided to embrace maximalist jewellery, with oversized designs popping up everywhere from necklaces to bracelet cuffs. One place where this approach seems to be really taking hold is in the return of the drop earring. Forget simple studs and go for all-out glamour in long earrings that will absolutely turn heads. The colour, the gemstones, that’s up to you - just be sure to make a statement.

Simple diamonds

In a departure from some of the bold designs that seem to be defining the upcoming year, diamonds have been pared back for 2019. With single, brilliantly beautiful stones allowed to shine in studs, pendants, and bracelets without fancy metalwork or adornment. We love dainty diamond choker-style necklaces as a way to wear this fresh but timeless style. Sometimes a stone is so beautiful, it doesn’t need any fuss.

Statement Necklaces

2019 will see the return of more traditional necklace shapes with a statement twist as pendants move into the background. Anything goes when it comes to design, from vivid flowers to shells and thick, oversized chains. Like this year’s drop earrings, the point here is to make an impact, so pair your statement necklace with a clean and simple look to let it do the talking.

Burrells is a family owned and run independent boutique jeweller with a collection of four stores across the south of England (Royal Tunbridge Wells, Winchester, Kingston and Staines).

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