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Editorial blog

Summer is on the way

19 May 2017
By Mark Hayhurst

With the warmer weather on the way what will the dedicated crocheter be looking to get their hooks into?

We take a look at what trends will be hot this summer.

What colours are going to catch the eye and what designs and materials will be the most sought after. Cotton tops and ponchos look to be popular for the late spring and summer months.

We also expect the Pantone color of 2017 to feature, of course, but how will it influence designs? Also expect the 1980s to also feature to some degree.
Stacey Trock

Stacey Trock, creative director of Louet North America, has some definite ideas on what is coming up in the months ahead.

She said: “In summer 2017, we’re seeing a lot of neutrals, texture and loose, flow-y designs.

“Despite the Pantone color of 2017 being “Greenery”, this colour hasn’t made much inroads into fashion design or crochet fashions, for that matter.

“However, the Earthy-aspect of this colour is taking off in summer trends. We’ll be seeing a lot of neutrals with some pops of brights as we’re still in an 80s-inspired season. Ponchos, although usually reserved for autumn, have already been big in Spring 2017, and I expect to see a few sneak into autumn as well as other loose and flowing shapes, such as long cardigans and big scarves. You’ll see cocoon-style sweaters that are perfect cover-ups for a tank on a chilly night.

“Textured stitches: like crochet cables, working through the back loop,to create a ribbed look, and bobbles contrast against neutral tones to add a lot of interest.

“Expect to see intricate lace patterns and a return of the pineapple stitch, as well.”

Linen and cotton

Stacey added: “Linen and cotton always rule the hot summer months. The trend in 2017 has been for super bulky yarns. And while those are less popular in the winter, I don’t expect the bulkies to fully go away, because they create instant texture, which is so hot this year!

“Gradient colour combinations in yarn remain popular.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of old-is-new-again.

“Antique doily patterns crocheted in a thicker yarn, and turned into shawl-size, have been popular.”
Kathy Lashley

Kathy Lashley has been crocheting for over 30 years and set up her own business ELK Studio – Handcrafted Crochet Designs in December 2012 designing and publishing patterns.

She said: “For me crocheting is so much more than a hobby. It truly is an integral part of who I am. “It’s an honour to have published Wrapped in Warmth which won a Flamie Award.

“I’ve also filmed a “Learn to Crochet” for Lefties class with Annie’s which is perfect for the left-handed person trying to learn how to crochet. It teaches all the basic stitches plus fun and easy projects!

“My desire is to provide a crochet pattern that will allow the person to “Look Elegant and Feel Elegant”.

And Kathy, who always aims to stay ahead of the game has cast here eye forward for the the months ahead.

She said: It’s always amazing to watch the crochet trends come in and out of the different seasons and trying to stay ahead of what you think will be a hot ticket item is the best and certainly a goal of any crochet designer.


“I am going to base my predictions from my ELK Studio fans. They truly love the one-to-two simple skein projects. If I know anything about a crocheter….they get super excited about seeing a new pattern, grabbing a fresh new skein of yarn and getting it done quick before the next best thing comes out.

“In the spring and summer months everyone is certainly thinking about using cotton yarns but the cotton blends can be incredibly desirable.

“Take for instance this beautiful one skein project using a cotton/viscose blend.
Crochet scarf cotton viscose blend

“The Aracuania Cana Ruca yarn allows for an amazing drape and is amazingly lightweight. In this project, I only used only skein of yarn but it would easily take another to enlarge the scarf with little effort.

“Another point you can see about this scarf is the beautiful vibrant colours which always catches the eye during this time of year.

“There is something about wearing a bright colour that makes you feel like you have an extra spring in your step.

“Lastly, crocheters love to crochet “together” even if that means virtually. It’s the common thread that keeps us together. A couple of things happens when everyone is working on the same project.

  • There is always someone there to ask for help that “knows” the pattern.
  • Inspiration from people using different colourways of yarn and even fibres.
  • The push to complete the project. (We are known for starting a project and “laying” it down for a while). When people start seeing the completed projects hit the internet, it really does inspire them to complete their own.

“So….a couple of points to take away from this article is crocheters love quick and easy projects with a passion for vibrant colours and get enthusiastic about crocheting together.”

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