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Seven top trends for kids’ bling

19 Jul 2019

Brittany Waddell, a contributing writer and media specialist for Beadifulbaby and often produces content for a variety of children’s blogs, examines trends in jewellery for youngsters

Jewellery is a great way to add something special to any look. Like adults, children love using jewellery as a style statement. If you want to buy something wonderful for a child in your life, you’ll find lots of choices. There are plenty of fun items that children and their parents are sure to love. Choose a piece that says that you care. Here are the latest trends in children’s jewellery.

1. Coloured watches

In today’s digital age, watches still have much to offer. A watch lets a child learn to tell time and understand how the world works. Coloured watches add a playful touch. Think about a child’s favourite colour. You’ll see an array of rainbow colours that are just right for any birthday present. A child’s watch band is typically made of a soft band which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Boys and girls alike can find colours that speak to them. Watches in a combination of colours like neon green and bright yellow are youthful and have lots of charm.

2. Bangles

Bangles are hot. Kids and adults alike love these easy to wear, informal bracelets. Look for bangles in varied colours and metals. A silver bangle with the child’s name chased on the metal is something that can grow with her. Bangles in multiple colours are both trendy and classic. A set of bangles in gold, silver and bronze is a gift that any child will love. It’s also something that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

3. Character jewellery

Cartoon characters are a popular theme in children’s jewellery. Adults appreciate how cartoons help children learn to exercise their imagination as well as their reading and writing skills. Designers are bringing them to life via the use of varied kinds of jewellery. A set of pins with a favourite cartoon character is a way for a child to connect with the books they read and the movies they watch. It’s also a great way to help spark creative play with other kids.

4. Unique earrings

Earrings are a great way to add personality and draw attention to the face. Earrings for kids are becoming increasingly popular. Designers are responding with innovative and interesting designed for every one of every age. Birthstone earrings are particularly popular today. Earrings that use birthstones in an unexpected way, such as dangling below the ears, are a great choice for a child’s birthday party. They also make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for an occasion such as a Christening or a First Communion.

5. Unicorn everything

Unicorns are a symbol of mysticism and beauty. Unicorns make the ideal design for a piece of jewellery for a child. A unicorn pendant necklace in gold with precious gems for eyes and a mane and horn in a contrasting metal is something that is totally on trend. It’s also an item that any pre-teen or adolescent can use to add something charming to her wardrobe and make her feel happy even on a cloudy day.

6. Animal magnetism

Kids adore animals. A child often has a beloved pet. Jewellery designers are finding inspiration in the animals that kids love so much. You’ll find items that let kids show off how much they appreciate their favourite puppy, bunny, kitty and other pets like snakes and owls. Jewellery that lets them keep their favourite animal companion close is a good gift. A bunny shaped pendant or necklace with cats makes any child smile every time they see it.

7. Flower power

Flowers have long been part of jewellery. People have taken preserved flowers and worn them in their hair and used them in varied forms of jewellery such as necklaces and bracelets. They are increasingly popular in jewellery today.

Delicate shapes such as roses and lilies mark a young girl’s innocence and beauty. Designers are using careful details such as engraved leaves and enamel that are just right for any young child. A set of floral themed jewellery that includes a bracelet, necklace, ring and earrings will delight any child. This is a trend that can be paired with all sorts of clothing to add something dressy. It also works with items like floral headbands and dresses with floral embroidery.

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