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Pass on Your Skills…

15 Jun 2012

Give it a go..
A simple project for a beginner would be to change the buttons on a favourite garment to give the piece a new look and quirky feel.

Sew and tie thread to make a knot in a tired top; building up a number of knots creates a simple but effective pattern and you don’t need to be an expert in sewing to master the technique.

Simple, hand-stitched embroidery can transform a garment. Show your less confident customers that more rather than less is better.

Upsell your beading range and add sequins to your selection; they are great for adding a bit of sparkle to a piece of clothing.

Advise your customers to take elements from clothes and turn them into something else: several pockets can be linked together to make a belt; shirt sleeves could become a scarf; the lapel from a man’s jacket can be refashioned to make a halter-neck waistcoat.

Hannah Nutall, owner of Hannah Makes Things ( ) gives her take on the trend of customisation:

“I think customisation of clothing and accessories has become very popular in the last few years owing to people re-using and re-working their old clothes more regularly. I think this is done to the recession and people are becoming more aware of what they consume and both the financial and environmental costs involved. I’ve noticed a big increase in customised pieces that people wear on a day-to-day basis such as home tie-dyed t-shirts and jeans being made into cut off shorts. Celebrities are also becoming much more daring with their outfits and are often seen in customised pieces so I think the media also has a big influence on the trend. Its always nice to be able to say ‘I made this’ when someone asks where you got an item and I think customisation is only going to keep growing in popularity.”

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