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Editorial blog

OLFA prioritises safety for papercrafters

21 Jun 2022

OLFA is renowned for having the industry’s sharpest cutting tools, making them much safer to use. Standard blades require the user to apply high force to cut, which increases the chance of slipping and injury. In contrast, OLFA blades are so sharp that they need minimal cutting force, giving great control.

For papercrafters, the safest option is to use the combination of an OLFA Graphics Snap Knife (SAC-1) and an OLFA Desktop Blade Snapper (DC-6). Segments can be conveniently snapped off the SAC-1 as they become dull, ensuring that the user always has an ultra-sharp, safer blade at hand. And thanks to its unique, 30ยฐ acute-angled blade, even traditionalists, who use an art knife or scalpel, will be impressed. The angle improves a userโ€™s line of sight when cutting out intricate details. In short, the SAC-1 combines the precision of a fine art knife with the practicality and safety of a snap-off knife.

When it’s time to snap, the DC-6 is the safest possible solution. Simply insert the knife into a slot with the dull blade exposed, press the lever, and watch the mechanism snap it off into the plastic container. It’s safe, convenient, and a secure place to store discarded blades until theyโ€™re disposed of. With storage at the back of a dock, the DC-6 is also an excellent knife stand.

Finally, OLFA has the Beginner’s Craft Knife (ESK-1) for beginners and those who feel anxious working with sharp tools. Whilst it does have an ultra-sharp snap-off blade, each segment is covered in plastic to expose only a fraction of the edge. This makes serious injury impossible.

Axus Decor, distributor of OLFA in the UK, is currently looking for stockists, so get in touch and sell a safer cutting range! Find more info at

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