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Editorial blog

Not just following in the family business but leading the way

04 Feb 2019

Daniela Yrjö-Koskinen, owner and CEO Novita, talks about her life and the brand she loves

We employ approximately 80 people. We believe in the professionalism of design and sustainable craftmanship from Finland. Our yarns and designs tell the story of our Nordic roots, our family and our dedication to the craft.

How do you see the British market developing for you and how do you intend to increase your business in the UK?

The circle has closed in one way, as Novita has started exports to Britain. The same country where Ernst Gylfe, the founder of the company, travelled 90 years ago to learn more about spinning.

Novita started cooperation with the internationally renowned British John Lewis department store chain on an exclusive basis in autumn 2018 and is now looking forward to increase the number of retail customers in the British market.

We are very pleased with the sales and interest of the Novita yarns and designs and are proud to have entered the English market with a very long tradition of knitting culture and yarn production. Novita’s 90th anniversary is refl ected in the fact that the wool yarns are now offered with carefully designed, inspiring knitting patterns and a lively knitting community www. We are proud that Novita’s distinctive yarns and knitting collections have attracted interest in England.

Sustainability looks to be an important factor for Novita – how do you achieve this and what measures have you put in place?

In collaboration with our customers and partners, Novita participates every year in various charities and charitable projects to promote causes that are close to our heart. In a charity aspect we cooperate this year with WWF to protect arctic nature and animals.

Novita is passionate about sustainable development and reducing the environmental load of our operations to a minimum. We invest heavily in renewable energy sources and purchase our wool rawmaterials from nearby regions such as Britain, Finland and Norway. We create fi ne quality hand-knitting yarns and unique design from the largest yarn spinnery in the Nordic region. We also work hard to maintain the tradition of handcrafts. We use the best materials and deliver reliable yarns that can always be trusted.

For generations we have been refi ning our work to provide the most timely and inspirational product possible. The long sight and patient commitment to development refl ects not only stability of business but also the well-being of its employees. We carry out our responsibility to transfer the business to fi fth generation and keep the company in family’s hands.

It has been a great pleasure to notify say our values: quality, responsible manufacturing, genuine natural raw material have become even more important to us and also to our consumers.

This give us great faith that we have been doing the right things and will be doing them also in the future.

How important is your Knitting community – Knittery – to the company?

We have more than 130,000 registered members in our knitting community ”Knittery” at There the consumer can get inspiration and information about our products and knitting patterns and share their own designs and ideas with other knitting enthusiast from different countries. We want to inspire makers to create and share.

What future plans do you have for Novita and the brand?

I strongly believe in the future and I have the feeling of continuing the handicrafts tradition. We have inherited this family company from my father’s ancestors and, therefore, I consider that our duty is to take care of it now and in the future. I believe that a family business will survive only if each generation has its own dream and goal for the destiny of the company.

Our dream is to move this company to the next generation as an international and digital company. The knitting industry is also in good shape. Knitting and crocheting have gained great popularity all over the world. I believe we are only at the beginning of a long rise.

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