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Lights, camera and action! How to use video to amplify your craft blog

08 Oct 2019

Sara Davies MBE, founder at Crafter’s Companion, explains how to use video to amplify your craft blog.

When thinking about ways to appeal to both current fans of your blog, as well as brand new visitors, it’s important to think outside the box and out of your comfort zone.

After all, with more than 500 million blogs around today, craft or not, we need to think about what we’re doing successfully and what we can change or utilise to make our platform stand out from the crowd.

If you haven’t already used them, videos are a great way to take your blog to the next level. Crafting is so visual, and while I’m not suggesting everyone immediately ditches step-by-step projects and informative instructions, videos can make projects come to life. We all know people who prefer to read the book rather than going to the cinema to watch the film and vice versa, so wouldn’t it be good if we could cater to both?

Making an impact and a connection

A video doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production to make an impact on your audience. Basic content can be filmed and then uploaded using YouTube and then integrated onto your platform. In fact, your audience will probably find it more endearing if you’re facing the camera live from your craft room, than being filmed at a swanky studio.

There’s no better way to connect with your audience than looking down the camera at the crafter, ready and waiting to recreate your project. It enables people to gain a bigger insight into the mind behind the blog and allows your personality to really shine in person, as well as across the pages. Bloggers with the largest followings are successful because their content is good but also because they have loyal fans who feel like they know the host inside out.

Tips, reviews and tutorials

Videos can also provide viewers with valuable information including how to tips, reviews and tutorials. When it comes to craft, education and inspiration are really important and sometimes, being physically shown how to do something or what a product does, is what works best.

Now we’ve looked at why it’s a good idea to include video every now and again, here are some useful tips to consider when creating something new.

Short and snappy: Keeping videos as short and snappy as possible will encourage higher engagement. No one wants to miss out on valid information but at the same time, we probably don’t need to know what you had for breakfast that day! This goes for your video title too, key words are easier to find so try to be precise.

Natural light: Secondly, if you’re shooting inside, pick a room which has a lot of natural light and add additional lighting where you need to.

Sections: Try to shoot smaller segments, especially if you’re filming something that’s a little longer. It leaves more room for mistakes and preparation, and can be easily edited together or reshot in smaller sections, rather than having to start from scratch.

Round-up: If you’ve used a number of products in your post, include them and a short round-up of what you’re demonstrating in your video’s description.

Good sound: Finally, if your videos prove to be popular it might be time to invest in a decent microphone. Videos might be visual but bad sound is unforgiving.

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