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Editorial blog

KnitPro’s Day & Nite Gift Set brings Yarn Colours to the Best Light

23 Sep 2022

The Day & Nite Gift Set is a unique set of interchangeable circular needles that has been designed to celebrate knitting artistry, as well as the splendid yarns that are used by knitters. By seamlessly combining contrasting black and natural tones, KnitPro’s manufacturing artisans have created the perfect needle for all knitters and the colourful yarns they love.

KnitPro understands the importance of clearly seeing yarns on the needle when working with different colours and textures. To address this need, they have developed a way to seamlessly combine dark and light in our birchwood needles. This gives the knitter a way to clearly see their stitches by providing the right background. If they are knitting with a dark beauty of a yarn, they only need to swivel the needle to bring up a natural colour background and view the work. Conversely, if they need to see a specific colourful stitch, a twist of the needle to the darker side will provide a proper setting. You can be sure that the firm surface works well with all types of fibers – even those with fiber halos, such as mohair. This special added value gift set contains eight pairs of size-marked interchangeable circular needle tips: 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5 & 8.0mm, 360° swivel stainless steel cables in 60, 80 (2) & 100cm, one set of cable connectors, four endcaps, two locking keys, and an extra bonus – four wooden Day & Nite themed buttons.

All the extra accessories are packaged together in a classic ‘Day & Nite Case’ that helps the maker keep everything close at hand, in one handy spot. And because every special gift deserves an equally special presentation, the set comes packaged in a storage box that features three-dimensional artwork on the front cover. This storage solution also makes it portable for the knitter who moves around a lot.

This special set makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves knitting and beautiful yarns – and that includes just about every knitter! For more information, visit

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