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Knitpro presents Self Love, a beautiful set of accessories in a book format

10 Dec 2021

The latest innovation from Knitpro, Self Love is a motivational set of knitting essentials, presented in a wonderfully original book format.

The aim of Self Love is to celebrate knitted projects and turn the process of making into a journey of creation. From the choice of needles through to the finished design, knitted projects are made and given with love and the book recognises this as integral to the creative experience.

All good stories have a beginning, middle and end and this is no different. The book is divided into chapters that include the indispensable items needed to knit. It starts out with the lead characters โ€“ here, these are the interchangeable needles in a rainbow of colours and ranging in size from 3.5mm through to 8mm.

Over the page, the next chapter features the supporting characters โ€“ the cables, end caps, tightening key and cable connectors contained within soft suede pouches - who will help bring the story to life.

Finally, the journal in the final chapter can be used for everything from planning projects and keeping track of them, to recording feelings and thoughts during the creative process. In addition, the book comes complete with a crochet bookmark.

The set contains eight interchangeable needles with matt black connectors; four stainless-steel cables in lengths of 60, 80 (2 nos.) and 100 cm; four end caps; four cable keys; one set of cable connectors; a crocheted bookmark; and a knitting journal.

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