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It’s going to be a riot of colour in the new school year

10 Jun 2018

If kids are feeling glum, dark and dreary then it looks like what’s going to fill their pencil cases is definitely going to brighten up their return to the classroom.

Term-Time Essentials, Staedtler’s popular themed collection of stationery for the back to school period, is back for 2018, featuring promotional offers across the comprehensive range of key best-sellers, exciting new products and high-impact displays.

Rachel Owen, Marketing Manager, Staedtler (UK) Ltd, said: “You may not automatically think of stationery as a fashion item but it most certainly is.

“At Staedtler, we introduce themed collections each year in response to trends we have spotted. For example, our 2018 range includes neon, pastel, nature, tropical, ocean and flamingo themed sets of our popular triplus fineliners and fibre tips.

“Particularly strong this year is the trend for pastel shades and so we have incorporated a number of new themed sets into our Back to School range to satisfy this demand. Recognising the importance of high impact displays in-store, we have also designed a space saving counter top display featuring the Pastel collection.”

Staedtler’s range will receive a massive promotional boost from their new outdoor advertising campaign which will run during the critical weeks leading up to the new school year and is expected to reach over 25 million adults, a third of whom have children in the target age group.

With the engaging strapline ‘Draw your future, earn your stripes’, the creative treatment features a series of school pupils imagining and drawing their dream job, using the iconic yellow and black striped Noris pencil, Staedtler’s hero product. The six sheet campaign will appear at over 700 nationwide sites carefully chosen for their proximity to a Staedtler stockist.

To extend and boost the impact of the campaign in-store, Staedtler is offering eye-catching freestanding display units, available free of charge. Designed to continue the outdoor theme, the visually striking units feature the Noris pencil prominently on the same bright yellow background. The displays will be stocked either with Staedtler’s recommended mix of best-selling back to school lines or with a selection of products specified by the customer.

Finally, new for back to school 2018 is a specially created series of Noris stationery sets, further supported by a free consumer prize draw every month to win a Samsung Tablet and Noris product bundles.

Back to School with Pentel will be packed full of opportunities for craft retailers and stationery suppliers to get students and families writing, studying, designing and creating this summer.

Inspired by feedback from students and young adults that as well as seeking value for money and quality, strong motivations to purchase are also colour and choice, Pentel’s summer promotion contains a colourful range of writing instruments, filing products and art materials, priced to appeal to customers and consumers alike.

Pentel Marketing Manager Wendy Vickery says, “We would advise parents and students to spend their money wisely, investing in products that are fit for purpose rather than copious quantities of suspiciously low-priced pens that often fail to work, or leave ink splodges over the page.

“In an age of digital technology it’s so important that a student’s experience with writing instruments is a positive one, so it’s false economy to fill a pencil case with poor quality items that simply don’t deliver.

“Of course, we recognise that budgets are finite, so what goes into the pencil case needs to be affordable and that’s why Pentel has put together some fantastic offers on some of our most popular products for Back to School.”

According to Pentel, the popularity of coloured inks is set to continue, with demand for out of the ordinary shades increasing, as students use a different palette of colours for projects, artwork and selfediting, while teachers choose colours such as green, pink or violet for marking homework.

The company’s quick-drying EnerGel pens play a starring role in this year’s Back to School promotion, with the highly popular EnerGel X selling individually at under £1.00 a pen, or in sets of six or nine with pro rata pricing. In addition to everyday black, red and blue, green, orange, pink, sky blue and violet ink are also available – great for journaling or colour coding notes, themes and ideas, or for teachers to mark homework and projects.

All EnerGel pens have quick-drying ink which reduces smudging on hands and paper and is ideal for both right and left-handed writers.

Pupils and parents will both appreciate the excellent value of Pentel’s Classroom Essentials pencil case, on offer at only £3.99. Containing seven products, including an EnerGel pen, ballpoints, a mechanical pencil, a highlighter, eraser and a ruler the set is supplied in a see-through, exam-friendly case. The complete set would normally retail at around £8.00.

A choice of blister cards featuring EnerGel pens, ballpoints, markers, pencils and correction products, available with a space saving counter display unit is available at just £1.99 per card, giving customers exceptional opportunities to offer great value this season.

Finally, for filing project work, essays, recipes and home admin Pentel’s range of Recycology display books and presentation files offers a colourful alternative to traditional filing products. Available in a range of bright, attractive colours, the files all benefit from being made from at least 50 per cent recycled material, but without compromising on quality.

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