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Increase your brand’s reach through social media influencers

28 Jul 2018

What is a social media influencer?

Social Media Influencers are a fairly new phenomenon in the world of marketing, using social media channels and blogs they build up their own personal brand to reach an audience of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers.

This has great potential for brands that are looking to promote their products to a captive audience, through sponsored posts, competitions, giveaways and product reviews, and an entire industry has been created from this marketing tactic.

There are even talent agencies just for bloggers, and it is a realistic ambition to carve a full time job from this line of work, some bloggers even achieve such a high status that they get book publishing and TV deals.

Why use a social media influencer?

The key benefit to working with an influencer is their reach and trust with an audience that is choosing to follow them, this is very different to traditional marketing where the audience is interrupted by advertising.

The element of social proofing is also very strong, ‘If my favourite blogger is talking about this product, it must be good.’ And even back in 2016, Forbes reported “92 per cent of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement.”

You’ll also get stunning brand content out of it. The world of craft blogging is all about style and polish, bloggers are a talented mix of photographers, writers, graphic designers, directors and publishers all rolled into one. It takes serious creativity and professionalism to create a successful blog and good bloggers will do everything they can to show your product off in the best way possible.

There’s also the potential to reach new, emerging audiences and subcultures that you may not reach through your traditional, mass market channels.

Different types of influencer

When delving into the world of blogging, you’ll soon find there are many different layers to this landscape. From the professional blogger that makes a full time living, to the hobbyist that dips in and out for fun, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the most from this relationship. Check out their stats, number of followers, frequency of posts, Domain Authority, and other brands they have worked with, to get an idea of how influential they really are.

You’ll also find there is a huge difference of costs too, from the Instagram star who wants £5,000 per post (yes really) to the local blogger who is happy to review your shop in exchange for a few freebies.

When it comes to brands there really is no ‘one size fits all approach’ and it will be done to your own marketing budget and expectations. Experiment and see what works for your brand.

Managing the relationship

Bloggers take a lot of pride in their personal brand and it can take years of hard work to build up a successful blog. So be just as personal and professional as you would be for any other negotiation.

Take the time to send tailored emails that show you understand and care about their blog, read their posts and understand their look and feel and why you would love to work with them. Bloggers get hundreds of brand requests every week, so don’t expect that just because you are a named brand that they will be impressed and work with you for free.

Don’t forget to consider and explain what you can do in return, for example will you share this content on your own social channels or email to help promote them too? Be generous with your product, and be mindful that serious bloggers will expect paid compensation.

Measuring success

The beauty of digital marketing is that it is all measurable, this makes it easier than ever before to understand the return on your investment. Everything from reach, views, click through, data capture, and conversions can be measured and reported on.

Make sure this report is included in your negotiations as it will take a bit of work on their side to provide these stats, but they can be invaluable in proving the time, money and effort that went into this process has paid off.


The world of blogging is diverse, experimental, visual and creative, a fantastic fit for craft brands.

The great thing is you can dip a toe in the water with very low risk. Try reaching out to a few bloggers in your niche using the steps above.

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