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How to Maximise Your Online Sales this Christmas

25 Nov 2019

Christmas is an exceptionally busy period for craft businesses, and with this in mind, it’s vital that your website allows potential customers to make purchases quickly and easily to avoid abandoned shopping baskets. Staggeringly, figures from Go Inspire Group show that 70 per cent of online baskets are abandoned before checkout, and that only 27% of retailers analyse the browsing behaviour of their audience in order to rectify this. If you’re looking to secure sales and engage with your customers then try these 3 simple tips that will make crafters much more likely to follow through with their purchase.

1) Show the Final Cost Before Asking for Payment

In order for your potential customers to feel confident in their purchase it’s extremely important to show the final cost of their order, including delivery if possible. Baymard Institute’s report for Amazon Pay stated that 20 per cent of individuals would be deterred from going through with their online order if they couldn’t see the upfront cost. It’s a good idea to include this information in the basket section of your website before any information is requested, and if you can’t provide exact details of the delivery cost beforehand, an estimation would also work well.

2) Create a Guest Checkout Option for a Speedy Way to Pay

A long and complicated registration process is one of the biggest reasons that customers will abandon their online basket. In fact, according to Baymard Institute’s report for Amazon Pay, a substantial 34 per cent of respondents admitted to abandoning a check out due to the need for upfront account creation. Providing a guest check out option is a fantastic way to appeal to time-strapped customers, allowing them to enter only the most necessary information (address, card details etc.) and complete their purchase as quickly as possible. Adding this option to your website is so important for maximising sales, and you can encourage individuals to provide more personal information at a later date.

3) Send Prompts via Email AND Post

According to the Go Inspire Group, one of the best ways to encourage a potential customer who has abandoned their online shopping basket to return to your site is to use a combination of email and postal prompts. The group’s recent study on basket reactivation found that the conversion rate from email prompts alone resulted in a 5-7 per cent conversion rate. However, once this reminder was paired with a posted letter that highlighted this incomplete purchase to the customer, the rate rose to an impressive 113 per cent. This is a simple, yet effective way to bring customers back to your website and increase your sales. It also helps to build a positive relationship with customers by demonstrating that you value their interest.

To discover even more useful tips on how to recover abandoned online baskets, read the full article in the January/February issue of Craft Business magazine. Available from January 31st 2020.

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