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How to create positive vibes

02 Mar 2019

Sara Davies MBE, founder at Crafter’s Companion, looks out how to foster a healthy workplace and motivate your staff

Your workforce is one of the single biggest assets to your business, so keeping them happy and productive is a must if you want to drive success.

It’s a two-way street for an employer – for your staff, a healthy workplace means a flexible and pleasant atmosphere where their talents will be nurtured and valued, but for you it also means a lower staff turnover and reduced levels of stress, leading to fewer sickness absences – a win-win all round.

Open door

An approachable ethos and opendoor policy will help to see your employees, and your business, thrive. Clear communication is key to this, so that your employees will not only know what is required of them, but know what is expected of staff and management throughout the company. An up-to-date employee handbook and provision of regular one-to-one meetings might seem unnecessary in a very small company with a less formal structure, but it’s best practices like these that will facilitate the fl ow of information and feedback that will prove so valuable over time.


Another way to ensure high levels of staff wellbeing and retention is to make them feel valued with plenty of positive reinforcement. Personally showing your appreciation when projects are completed or targets are hit, whether that’s with a small bonus or just a simple thank you, will keep motivation levels high. Similarly, celebrating wins with your workforce will help them to feel a part of the company’s successes and foster a spirit of teamwork. Whether it’s a staff party, meals out or a token box of chocolates, your employees will value being included in the company’s achievements.

Fun times

Encouraging a fun environment and ensuring you have the chance to work together on a shared goal outside of work, such as raising money for a chosen charity, will also help your employees to have a sense of belonging and to enjoy their working hours.

Going forward together

Whether you’re aiming for big changes to your business or simply want to continue on your current trajectory, making sure your staff are all on the same page, delegating tasks and trusting them to deliver to the best of their ability is vital to fostering a healthy workplace. Micromanaging people can sometimes lead to a negative working environment, and you may find that showing you trust in their knowledge and skills, working with them and being open to their ideas is a more positive way to achieve your goals. This also frees you up to focus on other areas of the business, ensuring you’re using your time and resources efficiently.

Be vigilant

Finally, stay vigilant and nip any potential problems in the bud before they can escalate and lead to negativity. Not everyone is going to get along all the time and there will always be disagreements, but having strict guidelines on conduct and making sure you address any friction within your workforce at the first opportunity will ensure you can control and contain any issues. YOU are the key to a happy workforce, and you’ll fi nd that your positivity and approach to teamwork will pay dividends.

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