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How to be enticing and look after your bottom end this Valentine’s Day

03 Dec 2017

Gina Krupsky, founder of Gina K. Designs and co-owner of Village Paper & Ink!, in Greendale, Wisconsin, and StampTV, looks at how to use workshops to boost your business.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to attract customers into your store. Whether it’s a card for the love of your life or some fun candy treats for the grandchildren, there are all different ways to express love on Valentine’s Day.

As a bricks-and-mortar store owner, I started something in my store called “Scrappy Hour.” Two hours every Saturday, we set up two tables in our store and allow customers to come in and make a free card.

We send out an email a few days before the event with a photo of the card or project that we will be making. We also offer all participants ten per cent off their entire purchase during our Scrappy Hour event. It’s not unusual for us to have between 80 and 100 customers come through during the two hours. And we also sell at least six times the amount of product as any other day of the week.

In January, we are going to make Valentine’s Tags and cards using my new Therm O Web December release. We will set up three die cutting machines and three laminators.

Customers will come in and die cut their piece, then stroll over to the laminators where they will add sparkling foil to their tag or focal image piece and background. Then, they will add adhesive and any embellishments and they are done! Once complete, we give them an envelope and they head to the shelves to purchase many of the items we used in the Scrappy Hour project.

Since we don’t limit what they can use their discount on, they do spend more.

It’s quite amazing that if you are willing to let them try a product and make something free, they will respond by filling a cart with all kinds of fun crafty goodness.

You make it special for them to come in and they will make sure they look for the next email so they can join in on the fun again!

You can step up the game by giving them a coupon for a small free gift if they bring a new friend with them next time!

Here are a couple of the projects we will make in our store throughout January. These cards and tags all use the Therm O Web Foil-Mates products that will be released in December!

This project is the most cost effective as it features a tag that can be hung on a bottle of wine or other gift items.

This project features a beautiful card for a loved one. There are a few more steps but, as long as all of the pieces are pre-cut, this card will take about five minutes to reproduce.

By hosting events in your store that allow customers to try before they buy, you will see a huge increase in sales. Customers often think things are much harder to do than they really are, so by allowing them a hands-on demo, you will show them how quick and easy certain techniques can be and your bottom line will increase.

You can also make videos using products you carry and link them in your customer emails. Show them the latest and greatest products that just came in, or do a specific series. If you do one video each month and send it out in an email, customers will likely stop by for those items so they can make those projects too!

And lastly, don’t forget the benefit of the free with purchase. We always give our customers a free gift when they spend $75.00 or more in a single purchase in our store. Giving something free has a greater value to the customer but costs you less.

For example, if you give away a $5 item, it only costs you $2.50. But if you give them $5 off, it costs you $5. Same value to the customer but you are only letting go of half the amount. Keep trying new ideas like these and you will surely see the end result in your bottom line. Happy Crafting!

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