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How To Attract First Time Crafters

08 May 2020

You might have grown an audience of loyal customers who know your brand well and are always on the hunt for the latest innovative craft product, but now is a great time to branch out with your investments and marketing campaigns to appeal to a wider demographic. With many individuals under the new furlough arrangements set by the Government, consumers are looking for a brand new hobby, which means that popularity in a range of different crafts has grown steadily over the last few weeks. With a different kind of consumer in mind, here’s some great ways that you can convince first-time crafters to part with their cash.

Share your knowledge

Being generous with your time and content will go a long way to cementing you in the minds of new crafters. Offer free Q&A sessions on your social media channels where beginners can ask you any craft related questions. If you can provide solutions with your products then your business will become an invaluable resource.

Make your website user friendly

Your website is the window to your brand, and if you’ve managed to entice new customers to take a look around then it’s important to keep them on your pages for as long as possible. Perhaps dedicate a whole section of your website to beginners? You could include some of your top products for novice crafters and some handy tips for those who aren’t experienced enough to anticipate setbacks when making various projects. It may also be a good idea to include hints for customers to buy certain products together, for example, if a consumer places a watercolour set in their basket, then your website could show links of ‘frequently bought together’ products, such as an artist’s pad and extra paintbrushes to make sure that the order contains everything a first-time crafter might need.

Provide helpful resources

If you haven’t already set up a blog section of your website, now is the perfect time to do so. Step-by-step blog posts covering how to make simple projects using the products you supply is an excellent way to inspire beginners. You could also cover common mistakes that new crafters make so that your consumers feel ahead of the game. Video content from the suppliers of your products is also handy for crafters who aren’t sure how to use certain materials and tools, and will save you from taking the time to explain these details yourself.

Keep your prices competitive

First-time crafters are less likely to invest in more expensive craft supplies because they might feel an uncertainty that this hobby will be longstanding. Therefore it’s key to make sure that your products for beginners are good value for money and compete with rival brands in order to secure those sales. You might also consider fl ash sales and discount codes for that extra push of encouragement.

Give the consumer options to progress

Your website should create a clear pathway for crafters to invest in more advanced products as they become more confident and skilled. If beginners can see that your business can provide them with all the tools they make need to take on their new hobby, then they are much more likely to return to you in the future.

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