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How the stationery revival is proving to be beneficial to the craft market

09 Oct 2018

Jo Bray, Managing Director Sales and Marketing at West Design Products, explains how digital natives are presenting an opportunity for retail growth.

In the digital age we live in, our communication is becoming increasingly electronic. At work we’re far more likely to email a colleague than call or meet them, and our social interactions are via text, messaging apps and social media.

Yet against this digital backdrop, we as a nation have fallen back in love with hand-written notes and diaries and embraced new trends like bullet journaling.

With a rising trend of purchasing stationery as gifts, widening product ranges and design-led innovation, it’s no wonder that market analysts are predicting the retail stationery market is set to grow by almost £50 million in the next five years. With growth forecasted to be so high, it begs the question - who is buying all this stationery?

Ironically, it’s the people most likely to be head down on their smartphones, the millennials, who are the key drivers in the expected upturn of stationery’s fortune.

Until recently, retail stationery was fundamentally led by the demands of the office environment. Even within the office, however, it was a rarity to see more than a few ballpoint pens and standard HB pencils in a store cupboard or on desks.

The current rise in the popularity of decorative retail stationery proves that in our hectic, super-connected world, the simple pleasures of well-designed stationery can still charm even the most digital consumers.

It appears that the stationery you choose can be just as much a personal statement about who you are, as the clothes you wear. No longer is it simply about the functionality of an item, but there is resting importance on it being beautiful or having on-trend aesthetic.

At West Design Products, we seized upon the opportunity of exploring how a stationery range could fit hand-in-hand with our current product portfolio and, indeed, within our customer’s businesses.

Evidently, it has proved to assimilate with ease and shown to be incredibly popular with experts and customers alike. With three Commended awards from the London Stationery Show and numerous sell-out products across the Noteworthy range, it is clear that stationery isn’t an exclusive market, but that it can integrate and be a great success within the art and craft market too.

Building on the popularity of its former ranges, Noteworthy’s Metallic Mono is a coordinated, modern collection that taps into the revival of retail stationery. Created with our own customer base in mind, it not only appeals to the millennial demographic, but, with its style and integrity, means it will slot perfectly into any art and craft store.

Noteworthy Metallic Mono is available to trade from West Design Products. See the full range of 20 products, with RRPs from £2.99 to £12.50 on

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