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Get Personal and creative for a perfect card or gift

05 Mar 2019

Claire Hamer, Hunkydory trade sales manager, takes a look at how you can boost your sales around Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day is a key date in our calendars and many of us want to give our Mums something special on the day we celebrate Motherhood. This can be a simple card or a much larger project and as such we need to get ready early for this and get products on our shelves and workshops planned.


When stocking products to sell for Mothers’ Day is important to remember that there’s lots of variation on what we call our Mums. So in addition to the obvious Mum or Mother, consider stocking alphabet stickers so that Mam, Mummy, Ma and Step- Mum can all be catered for. Not being able to put the right title on the front of a card for someone special can be frustrating and take away from its beauty and the effort that’s gone in to making it.


Consider offering a good selection of products that can be adapted to make Mother’s Day cards. They don’t all need to be specifically designed for this special day but pretty fl orals, delicate foiling and beautiful words are a good staple and starting point.

If you’d prefer to offer your customers a card making kit for this occasion, then look for smaller kits that make just a couple of cards. Unless your customers are making cards to sell, they’ll generally only be making a handful of cards for Mothers’ Day, even with extended families, so order your stock for this occasion accordingly.

Dies and stamps for this special day are also available and are generally part of a larger varied set, such a word dies that are suitable for the whole family, to make it worth the investment.


Everyone has a different relationship with their Mums and will gift accordingly, so design workshops that cover as many options as possible. One of the most popular ideas is to create a personalised card and a matching gift box, to fill with chocolates, homemade cupcakes or a scarf. Additionally include making a couple of co-ordinating gift tags that can be attached to flowers or other gifts. Include products that allow your students to personalise their card, so it’s perfect for their Mother.

Also be mindful for those that have lost their mothers or are struggling to become mothers. Offer a broader workshop, so that it’s inclusive for all your customers.

Wrapping paper

If you don’t stock wrapping paper in your shop, have you considered running a wrapping paper making workshop? Rolls of white paper or brown packing paper are easy to buy and during a workshop your students can design their own patterned paper by stamping and colouring on the rolls of paper. This is a great way to make something unique and you can make a card and gift tag to match. You could use fl oral stamps, butterfl ies or stamp Mum all over your wrapping paper. It’s such a great way to personalise a gift.

After the day

Any products you have left after Mother’s Day consider if they’re specific to the occasion or whether you can continue to sell them through as a fl oral range or whether you need to reduce them and sell them through.

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