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Get creative with calligraphy this Christmas

05 Oct 2018

Artist, calligrapher and co-author of the 24th edition of The Speedball Textbook, Angie Vangalis, from Dallas, Texas, looks at how Speedball tools can be used to great effect.

Hand lettering in the craft industry has exploded as a result of, what I believe to be, the “need” to create something beautiful by hand as a contrast to computer fonts, whether it be the pointed pen style of Modern Calligraphy or Traditional broad-edge lettering styles dating back centuries ago.

Speedball Art Products continues to provide a nice selection of tools and media for the novice as well as experienced ability levels to keep on creating unique and fun drawing and lettering for the craft and commercial art industries. Below are a few of the tools you can promote in your stores.

Elegant writer marker

Black (any size) - The dye-based, water-soluble ink in this marker opens up creative possibilities due to its diversity and cleans up easily. In addition to writing traditional lettering styles, adding water with a brush, creates a beautiful analogous, multi-colour, watercolour-like bloom effect. Many artists use the X-Fine (1.3mm) for sketching and adding a subtle, yet colourful values to artwork.

Elegant writer dual-tip marker

Debuting with a nice array of 12 colours, this marker style provides a unique, elegant, double-stroke quality for adults and children. The ink in these markers are dye-based and water-soluble, providing an opportunity to add a subtle shadow or tint to drawing and lettering and cleans up easily. This marker style is particularly awesome for learning broadedge pen lettering, as the corners of the nib act as a guide, helping students maintain a 40° to 45° pen angle. The edges of this marker are durable and provide hours of use without wearing down, drying out or running out of ink.

Silver calligraphy ink

This acrylic ink is best used in larger nib sizes or with a brush. The metallic base provides very good opacity, with contrast that jumps off any coloured paper.

B-series calligraphy nib

The B-series nib is a complete joy to work with and nearly fool-proof. This nib produces a round edge quality stroke which is different than its broad edge counterparts. If you want to change the look of the stroke, simply turn it over on its back and add a serif or draw thin, small lines and letters to contrast the larger rounded stroke. The subtle bounce of the foot with each stroke of ink and the brass reservoir holds more ink for less dipping offers a divine writing and drawing experience!

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