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Four Steps to Perfect Seasonal Packaging This Christmas

11 Aug 2020

The most festive time of year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you can make this holiday experience a memorable one for your customers. One of the most effective ways to inspire crafters during the holidays is by offering seasonal gift wrapping and packaging.

This is because a great unboxing experience has been proven to be a driver of customer satisfaction, while also helping build brand recognition and loyalty.

This time is also unique in the sense that your customer base isn’t just people purchasing from you directly, it’s also people who receive your products as a gift. The first impression they’ll have of your brand is your packaging, which gives you a unique opportunity to persuade them to become a fan and buy from you independently. Plus, you’ll make gifting that little bit easier for the people doing the giving! Here, we’ve compiled some tips on how to make your holiday packaging a crowd pleaser.

1) Give your packaging a festive overhaul

Humans are visual creatures, which is why gift wrapping is an easy way to enhance your customer experience around the holidays. Swapping out your usual packaging for a festive design tailor-made for this season shows your brand is willing to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd and delight your customer.

Custom tissue paper is a lovely gifting option to wrap products in and gives the same effect as wrapping paper, except it can be personalized with your logo or brand colors for greater brand awareness.

If you’re after something on a smaller scale, custom stickers with a seasonal design can liven up minimalist packaging, while custom packaging tape can decorate the exterior of packages or boxes to add a bit of Christmas cheer.

Remember that you don’t need a complete packaging revamp to bring the holiday spirit to your packaging. A personal touch, big or small, goes a long way in enhancing the customer experience.

2) Make sure your branding is emphasised somewhere

When having fun with the look and feel of your seasonal packaging, it’s important to keep in mind that brand recognition gives you an edge over your competitors.

You want to make sure the customer recognises and remembers where the gift is from, so one option is to keep a sense of familiarity in the design through details like your logo or your colour palette.

Another option to keep branding more subtle is by using tissue paper as a seasonal gift wrap and decorating the exterior using custom stickers, cards or tape with your logo on it.

Those who have been gifted your products indirectly will be introduced to your business for the first time, so a clear brand strategy via your packaging lets them know exactly who you are and where to find you.

You could also include a card with your social media channels and website to lay a trail of breadcrumbs back to your store and get them engaging more with your brand.

3) Make your customer’s spend guilt-free with eco-friendly packaging

Gift giving and all the joy it brings can come at a high cost to the environment, as it’s estimated an extra one million tons of waste are thrown away around this time each year. Packaging is one of the biggest contributors to this as there’s a lot of elements that can’t be recycled, including wrapping paper, ribbon, cellophane and soft plastics.

People are also a lot more conscious of their duty of care with spending. A survey by Packaging Europe found 83% of consumers were more likely to choose products with either less packaging or recyclable packaging.

The holidays are a great time to make a switch to more sustainable options so you can assure your customers you’re doing your bit for the planet and their spend is guilt-free.

You can navigate how to cut down or switch out elements of your packaging by working through these questions:

Can I send my items safely using less packaging?

What are my packaging elements made from, and what elements can I change to renewable/recyclable/compostable materials?

If I was my customer, how easy would I find it to dispose of my packaging responsibly?

4) ‘Tis the season to be giving, so add some seasonal extras

The holiday season is an ideal time to strengthen your long-term relationship with customers by showing them a little generosity and goodwill. After all, nobody likes a grinch!

Incorporating some items into your packaging that provide added value shows your customer that you appreciate their spend with you at this busy time of year.

This could be in the form of a Christmas card with a note from you wishing them blessing for the year ahead, gift tags to make their life and gift-wrapping experience a bit easier, discount coupons to inspire future purchases, or free samples of your product. Basically, anything that shows the customer a little love.

So there you have it – packaging that creates a sense of excitement is important all-year round, but it takes on a special significance during the holidays.

If your packaging choices add more joy to customer’s lives at this busy time of year, your chances for repeat business will increase into the new year and beyond.

Take this chance to be playful with your design, more responsible with your packaging and think about any festive extras you can add to delight your customers.

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