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Fashion favours the - wrist, ear and neck

02 Apr 2017
By Mark Hayhurst


When you are selling jewellery and accessories it is a good idea to keep an eye on the trends of fashion and popular culture. There will always be a market for traditional fine jewellery but a nod towards the latest fashions can help your range look current and pick up more press attention.
Jewellery artist and teacher Anna Campbell, from the London Jewellery School, has been watching the red carpet and the fashion runways and shares five key trends for you to add to your jewellery range in


The Pantone color of the year is influential in fashion and homewares and has been translating to jewellery for a few years, this year is no exception.
The colour this year is Greenery - think a cross between gorgeous foliage and zesty lime! If you make jewellery you can pick up this trend through your bead and stone choices - try the juicy greens you
can get in tourmaline, chrome diopside, peridot, jade or tsavorite. This beautiful resin ring has been coloured with just the right green to be on trend!


As always, gemstones are important this season. It’s interesting that the traditional, fancy cuts of old are giving way to more ‘just out of the ground’ rough cut stones. Givenchy featured large mineral slices in their catwalk jewellery for example. Rough cut diamonds are popular again this year in the fine jewellery marketplace and the look is less uniform and finished and more rough hewn (although sadly these types of pieces don’t take any less time and effort to make!). Polymer clay cuffs are just the look for now!


Long statement neck pieces and big arm cuffs featured heavily during fashion week in both London and Milan. Definitely oversized, the arm cuffs often also covered the hand. Both the necklaces and cuffs tended to be a mix of materials so let your imagination take over and think big! Another trend that I’m not sure will catch on was wearing a single oversized earring - also known as the mono-earring apparently. Saint Laurent and Versace were among the designers with monoearrings hanging past the shoulder (not sure how practical they are on the commute to work!).


Having said big is beautiful the exception is the super fine choker. The 90s style choker made a bit of a comeback last year and the choker style is still around with Celine, Dior and Versace using them on the
runways. There is a revamp of the 90s trend though, the chokers this year are very fine wisps of fabric, ribbon and velvet often also featuring a focal bead, pearl or silver pendant.


As well as the mono-earring there were also a lot of ear cuffs on the catwalk. These tended to be big and statement, definitely worn to be noticed.

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