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Dip in sales? Bounce back with these four top tips

09 May 2018

Natasha Necati, from Romford-based Crafty Arts, gives the benefit of her experience in how to increase sales.

Be the customer

It’s important to put yourself in the position of the customer. Walk around your shop and imagine the items that your top customers would want to see in specific areas. For example, items topped up on the counters.

It’s also important to make sure that all items are clearly labelled and priced, if you walk around the store and you can’t see how much a product costs, naturally you’re much more likely to walk out!

Shop entrance

The entrance is the best place for your promotion area. It’s the part of your shop that the customers see initially so it’s the first impressions that count. In order to make the promotion work, the promotions need to grab the customer’s attention; we do this in two ways.

First you have to create a sense of urgency, that this deal won’t last for a long period of time. For example stickers with phrases such as “Hurry! Offer ends soon!” etc.

Second, the offer needs to be appealing to the customer. Perhaps you could piggy back on an upcoming calendar event - for example, in the craft world there always seems to be a special day such as National Knitting Day, etc. The offer needs to be attractive.

Customer experience

These days customers do not just want to buy a product but they want to enjoy the experience. It all begins by making the right additions to your team, especially with an arts and crafts store, making sure that your employees are knowledgable, confident and engaging. We also find that creating a positive, trusting working environment in turn makes staff feel more comfortable in their role and able to offer a more profound and eclectic customer experience.

Window display

What does your window display say about your shop? Is it intriguing, enticing, is it too busy or too bland. Walk past your shop, stand across the road, look at it from different angles to see what your customers see.

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