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Craft Business Focus: KnitPro

05 Mar 2020

Shirish Jain, Vice President of Marketing, takes us through Knitpro’s exciting plans for 2020…

How has your involvement in the Craft Business Awards boosted your company?

We greatly respect your magazine and readers and being involved in your awards has been a great honour. It has allowed us to bring our story and ethos to a larger audience and we are very grateful to have been acknowledged for our work.

What would you say if your company’s biggest achievement so far?

Our company and staff are always trying to achieve more and launch better and more exciting products to our retailers and consumers. We are very proud of our business but also of the way we look after our staff.

They are central to our business and we invest in training and developing them to rise within our business. Our company ethos is to constantly strive to offer the highest quality product in the market. Our company has a policy that any woman who comes to our factory in Jaipur, India, is given a job, safe transport to work, a free creche and access to medical care. We also fund a school in a rural area that currently has 900 pupils. We ensure that girls are educated to the same age as the boys to give them the best start in life. When I ask our staff in the factory what they would like knitters and crocheters to take from our brand, they want KnitPro to delight its users. We want our brand to be what happiness looks and feels like and we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

What are your business goals for 2020?

We plan to bring out some very exciting products in 2020 and these will be showcased at the H+H Show in Cologne, Germany next month.

Tell us about your latest product releases.

In 2019 we launched new two new ranges; SmartStix which are knitting needles and tape measure in one with their innovative 2cm stripes; Ginger knitting needles and crochet hooks made from wood that comes from sustainable sources and is endorsed with the FSC certification in a spicy shade. Following the success of our Row Counter Ring, we launched a new version in a fashionable rainbow colourway. Of course, we will be showing at H+H in March when we will be showcasing our new and exciting products for 2020.

What shows/trade events are you planning to attend/exhibit this year?

As always we will have a large stand at H+H in Cologne in March and we will also be present at the TNNA Summer Show in Cleveland, USA. This is scheduled in the month of May.

What are the best ways for consumers to interact with your company? Do you maintain a strong presence on social media?

We have a dedicated team based in the UK that works on our social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that we can show consumers our latest news and help them to get the best out of KnitPro products. We also have a monthly newsletter full of hints, tips, interviews and news for consumers and also one for our retailers that comes out every other month.

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