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Editorial blog

Brush up on your techniques

01 Nov 2019

Vanya Hunter, STABILO UK Marketing Manager, talks to us about the brand and some exciting new products added to their range.

Can you tell me a little about the history of STABILO?

STABILO is a family-owned business and has been for over 150 years. We are based in Nuremberg Germany, with more than 1,500 employees worldwide. We manufacture market-leading writing instruments including the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL highlighters, STABILO point 88 fineliners and STABILO Pen 68 fi bre-tips. Our products are manufactured in Germany, Czech Repbublic and Mayalsia – and are available worldwide in over 180 countries

How do you develop new products?

New trends play an important role in the design of our products and our packaging. We are continuously looking for new inspiration by researching blogs, trend reports, talking to our fans in focus groups through our Innovation Lab and gaining information from other sectors within STABILO, such as our cosmetic business. To find the next “wow” we look at various ideas before we move on to testing them. Once the best ideas have been tested they are then evaluated by our R&D Department, at this point we look for feedback from our fans as we find this a valuable source of information. Our main goal when developing new products is to ‘wow’ our consumers and even ourselves with new colourful writing instruments.

Tell me more about the new Pen 68 brush – what sets it apart?

The Pen 68 brush was designed together with STABILO fans and is the newest addition to the STABILO Pen 68 family of premium colouring pens. This flexible brush tip is perfect for all abilities but it was especially developed for beginners. The design of the tip makes controlling the up and down strokes easy, producing beautiful brush lettering lines which everyone is fascinated with right now. The Pen 68 Brush is available in 24 colours, including five neon. You can create fantastic effects with the water-based ink like colour blending and cool aquarelle effects. The Pen 68 brush is also a lovely pen for fi ne art applications and has a 24 hour cap off time so it won’t dry out.

You also have the new additional Pen 68 Metallics colours, how do you see them being used?

We launched the STABILO Pen 68 metallic last year in five beautiful shimmering colours - metallic copper, gold, silver, blue and green. Now we have added three new colours this year to the range, metallic violet, metallic rose and metallic light green. The Pen 68 metallic ink is delivered by a robust medium tip that applies rich colour with dazzling metallic effects. Creating beautiful designs especially on black and coloured card is so easy. With the Pen 68 metallic you can work on your creative ideas immediately without shaking or pumping the pen first. The ink in the Pen 68 metallic is water based and odourless and has premium pigments to ensure high light resistance.

How will you be supporting retailers – do you have any promotions lined-up?

Full POS is available along with floor and counter display units. We are always open to working collaboratively with our retailers.

Do you have any ideas for retailers that might want to put together a gift bundle to entice customers to try new things?

We are already discussing cross merchandising ideas with our retailers and always open to suggestions.

Do you have any more new products in the pipeline?

STABILO is known for its innovation. As a brand leader innovation is what drives us so we will continually develop writing and colouring instruments into the market, this year, next year and beyond.

What do you think will be your hot items this year?

STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL Pastel highlighters have been the hero product for the last two years. Pen 68 Metallic is selling well this year and will be crossed merchandised with Christmas cards in high street retail. We’re expecting, with the launch of the STABILO Pen 68 Brush, a signifi cant growth in our colouring range.

What are your plans for the future?

We provide colourful and inspiring products that enable everyone – young and old – to be creative and to express themselves through writing and drawing. We are always interested in finding new trends and to bring fantastic new pens to our fans. Finally, we already have a range of sustainable products and developing these further will be one of our main objectives in the near future.

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