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Baking Trends 2014

25 Nov 2013

John Whaite, winner of last year’s The Great British Bake Off - “I’ve seen an increase in interest in flavoured puff pastry - pastry that has been layered with herbs or spices, or even cocoa!” Eric Lanlard, star of Channel 4’s Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard and master patissier - “Baking with chocolate is going to be bigger than ever. People are going to be pushing the boundaries and not be afraid to try out more than chocolate cupcakes and sponges. Savoury baking has been on the rise for the last two years and it’s set to get bigger as more and more people increase their baking skills by learning to make homemade pastry.” Simon Rimmer, Sunday Brunch presenter and chef - “We’ll move away from cupcakes and move onto big family style cakes, with interesting flavours like green tea and smoked BBQ being used in the frostings. People will also start to use vegetables in the cakes like beets and courgettes. I think the sugar content of baking will drop a bit too.” Richard Bertinet, Real Bread Campaign Ambassador, former BBC Food Champion of the Year and owner of The Bertinet Kitchen - “I think there will be a rise in more delicate pastries rather than bigger cakes. Small is beautiful. Think mouthful size mousse filled tartlets and seasonal fruits.” Tom & Henry Herbert, The Fabulous Baker Brothers - “We believe the next trend will be sweet, cream filled buns - retro style baking. Think Chelsea, Devonshire split, Bath, you name it!” Stacie Stewart, Masterchef finalist, This Morning guest chef and Food Glorious Food judge - “I think that people will continue to return to traditional British baking and our national baking heritage. We will see a rise in the popularity of regional dishes too.” Paul A Young, master chocolatier - “I feel the baking trend will be heading into regional delicacies, making them in the traditional way and bringing them up to date with innovative ingredients and presentation. Not reinventing them or de-constructing them, but we will see a wave of new bakers re-launching them.” Edd Kimber, first ever winner of The Great British Bake Off – “I think choux pastry is going to be huge in the near future. I was in Paris recently and choux buns were everywhere. And it’s all about presentation - each one was very intricate and elegant. I’ve also seen this happening in Australia and the US and it’s just starting to emerge here in London.” Juliet Sear, Fancy Nancy Cakes - Cake decorating is going back to basics and simple buttercream piped patisserie style cakes are going to be big. This would mean lots of simple rough iced buttercream tiered cakes, piped buttercream ruffles. It’s great for amateur bakers because the decoration is very simple to do.” For more tips, tricks and ideas from of the industry’s finest bakers, visit the next Cake & Bake show on 4-6 April at Manchester Central. Tickets are available from

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