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Arts & Crafts Innovation from Pilot for 2019

28 Feb 2019

Stuart Barker, marketing manager for the Pilot Pen Company, takes a look at some of their new and creative products

Pilot Pen has launched a range of new drawing and writing instruments for 2019 which are certain to be in high demand from endusers and “must-haves” to stock for arts & crafts and stationery retailers. As well as range extensions to existing products in the rollerball and marker pen offering, there is also a new and innovative product for the fineliner category.

Pilot Pintor waterbased arts and crafts marker

Building on last year’s launch of Pilot Pintor, the water-based arts and crafts marker, the range has now been expanded to four tip sizes. In addition to the Fine and Medium bullet tip versions already available, these are now joined by a broad chisel-tip version and an extra-fine bullet tip. All four tip sizes are available in a range of 24 colours of vibrant, water-based pigment paint (classic, pastel and metallic).

The characteristics of Pintor ink means that it writes on all surfaces but the surface properties influence whether it is permanent or non-permanent. On a porous surface such as wood, paper, cardboard, clothing fabrics or stone it is permanent whilst it is removable on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal and chalk boards by wiping with a damp cloth and washing up liquid. Designs can be coloured over with another colour once dry allowing some truly stunning art to be created with PINTOR.

Pilot Pintor has key “realworld” user benefits over other water-based paint markers in that the tip material is very strong and durable and the paint is quicker drying.

The Pilot Pintor 2019 range
  • SW-PT-EF Pintor Extra- Fine Bullet Tip (2.3mm tip / 0.7mm line width)
  • SW-PT-F Pintor Fine Bullet Tip (2.9mm tip / 1.0mm line width)
  • SW-PT-M Pintor Medium Bullet Tip (4.5mm tip / 1.4mm line width)
  • SW-PT-B Pintor Broad Chisel Tip (8.0mm tip / 8.0mm line width)

For 2019, Pilot has launched a new modular display solution for Pintor to create an impact fulinstore presence for the full range. Contact Pilot to find out more.

Pilot Frixion fineliner – Erasable writing felt penTake Pilot’s market-leading erasable ink technology and combine it with a precise felt-tip handwriting pen and what do you have? The Pilot FriXion Fineliner.

No longer do you need to worry if you make a mistake adding colour and diagrams to your notes and course materials. With the FriXion Fineliner you can write, draw, colour, ERASE and then start again.

Simply rub out your mistakes with the eraser stud and watch the ink disappear as if by magic! The unique ink responds to the heat generated by the rubbing out, and lets you write over your mistake immediately again.

For younger writers, it’s the perfect alternative to a pencil and a great first step into writing with ink. Also, the ink is non permanent so can be removed by washing or with a hot iron. Available in up to 12 colours there’s a FriXion Fineliner for everyone! 1.3mm fibre tip gives a 0.45mm fine line.

Frixion ball broad

The original and best-selling erasable rollerball pen, now available in a BROAD tip for a thicker line width! Write, erase and re-write your notes everyday with the Pilot FriXion. Simply rub out your mistakes with the eraser stud and watch the ink disappear as if by magic!

The unique gel ink responds to the heat generated by the rubbing out, and lets you write over your mistake immediately with the same pen. 1.0mm tip gives a 0.5mm broad line.

Did you know?

Refills for FriXion pens are a top seller and allow end-users to reduce plastic waste and also save money when the ink runs out, instead of buying an entire new pen - it’s never been easier to be green!

Find out more

To find out more about the full range of Pilot writing instruments, please visit The Pintor Marker also has its own dedicated website at www. If you are interested in stocking these or any other products from the Pilot range, please email sales@pilotpen. or call 01628 537100.

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