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Achieving the most impactful print marketing product

27 Oct 2018

Discover which questions you must ask your printing company — and why — when planning, designing and ordering according to Paul Mason, MD of Precision Printing.

You can now tailor your printing techniques to best suit your marketing campaign and send the most powerful message — from paper stock to inks and formats. Advances in technology have created an expansion in opportunities for businesses that want to maximise their marketing potential with print products, but what are the crucial questions you must ask your printing company before signing off on a design?

What type of paper can I use?

If you’ve partnered with a reputable printing company, they should be able to handle any paper request; but you must outline your objectives first. For example, if you plan on creating a brochure for your business’ reception, you may want a premium gloss paper in order to evoke a sense of professionalism, while you may opt for bond paper — which is stronger than the average paper — for your company’s letterheads.

How can I make my printed piece stand out?

As technology continues to develop, you have the opportunity to be as creative as you wish to come out with an amazing product. Right now, there are print enhancement services to make even the most creative ideas a reality, so I’d recommend asking what’s available to you to make sure you’re getting the most out of your print order.

You’ll be able to properly bring your vision to life — without having to worry about the quality of the product. For example, Scodix technologies let you bring the printed world to tactile, sensuous and beautiful life. Now, print companies can create textured, embossed, varnished and metallic finishes for their clients, which allows you to bring your most brilliant ideas to life without breaking the bank.

Motioncutter technology is also becoming a big trend across printing. At Precision Printing, our state-of-the-art motioncutter allows for laser cutting, kiss cutting, engraving, creasing and perforating simultaneously on a wide range of stocks in just one pass. From simple technical cuts to complex filigree ornaments, the motioncutter lets you cut out whatever you want — simply and quickly.

Does the size affect final costs?

The size will undoubtedly impact the final cost of your product. This is because print calculations work on how many copies you can lay down on the sheet of paper, so it’s worth bearing this in mind when you’re deciding on the print project.

Can I get advice on how to boost my brand image?

Studies show that Scodix is proven to increase product engagement by 92 per cent, with 60 per cent of the audience actually choosing to touch it, too! One time, a customer of ours used our unusually sized Enticer range for a direct mail campaign and saw an increased ROI of 493 per cent!

Thinking out-of-the-box is key to developing a relationship with your customers and stand out from the competition. By combining tactile print enhancements, you can ensure that your brand identity benefits from the increased exposure that a quality, premium print product provides.

Do I need to know about bleed and creeps?

I believe that it’s important to know about printing terminology. Similar to digital and offset litho printing, the meaning of bleed and creep is something we’re asked about quite a lot. Basically, it’s important that bleed is added to every job and creep to any thick stitched booklets.

If you have elements that touch the edge of the page, you should use bleed. Creep is something that affects thicker brochures. It’s where the bulk of the paper causes the inner pages to extend or creep further out than the other pages. Creep varies depending on the thickness of the paper and number of pages.

Can I see my final design before print?

You must see a final design sample, especially if you’re about to mass print a product that could potentially have a mistake. As a digital printing company, here at Precision Printing, our customers can request sample mock-ups at an extra cost. We also offer PDF proofs on every project, and in some cases, hard-printed proofs.

You need to use a print service that allows you to see the product first. That way, you have both the peace of mind that what you will receive is what you want, as well as the opportunity to rectify errors or make small improvements. Re-prints can be costly!

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