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Accessible art products for all with the new range from Artiste

05 Apr 2019

With so much choice on the market, how do you make sure your products stand out, without overwhelming the consumer?

Jonathan Harris, Head of Product at West Design Products, said: “The world of art materials and tools can often be a complex and daunting place, especially for beginners.”

This is the challenge the Product Design team at West Design were faced with when updating their best-selling Artiste range.

Jonathan explains what they were looking to achieve with the new designs. “We wanted to develop the range so that it created an impact when in stores, to not only benefit our customers, but to ensure that it is also accessible and easy to shop for all consumers.”

The resolution? Simple, yet effective, colour-coded designs, that split products by artistic medium. Jonathan said: “Colour coding by artistic disciplines seemed the perfect solution to bring all the products together for merchandising and to make end-user shopping experiences simpler. Pink for watercolour products, yellow for acrylics, blue for mixed media and green for all sketching requirements.”

However, not content with just re-branding, the team have also been working hard to create new products to keep the brand fresh and modern. June 2019 will see the launch of 30 new products within the Artiste range and Jonathan is incredibly proud of the latest additions: “We really have created a range of products which cover all the key areas for experienced artists and those looking to start out.”

And, with his arm twisted, Jonathan picked out his favourite product within the new portfolio. He added: “With such a broad range of products, from paints, pastels, tools, pens and pads, it really is hard to pick a favourite. However, the paint sets and pads offer great value for money and the finish you can achieve with Metallic Dual Tipped Calligraphy Pens is stunning.”

West Design are certain that the new look Artiste products are going to create prominent displays in stores and will drive sales, not just thanks to the coloured categories, but as Steve Bugh, Senior Marketing Manager for the company conveys, they’re hoping the range will also win over a different audience.

He said: “The new Artiste products act as a cross-over range, spanning artists and crafters. They have appealing RRPs that should tempt anyone into trying a new technique.”

Proving that the new designs are destined to be best-sellers, there has already been a huge amount of interest at the trade shows West Design Products have attended this year, so for more information on the new Artiste range, or to order, contact: sales@westdesignproducts. or 01303 297888.

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