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A taste of the gothic!

17 May 2019

Tracey Dutton, founder of Lavinia Stamps Ltd, unveils her darker design.

What new products do you have for Spring?

We have just released our latest range, which have been a huge success. We have been so pleased with the response. The new range was a little different to what I would normally design. So the response from our customers has inspired me to perhaps bring more out in this style and form a slightly larger collection. We are always working on new ideas and designs. I am actually already thinking about Christmas!!

There is a definite Gothic feel about them – where did your inspiration come from?

Yes I agree, it is a little darker and more Gothic. I often have many images and ideas buzzing around in my head but in all honesty I never really plan what I am going to design, I just start drawing and see where it takes me.

I have always loved the unexplained mysterious wonders in life… so my art work is just a reflection of a deep-rooted passion.

How do you envisage these new designs being used?

Customers feel, live and breathe the designs exactly as I do!! There is a connection, this is a magical world we can all jump into from time to time and what a great place to be!! Customers amaze me with the different concepts they come up with on how to use my designs. From layered Mixed Media to delicate painting, the beauty of these stamps is you can use them as simplistic or as complex as you want and the end result is always so beautiful

What’s next in the pipeline?

Business-wise we are expanding into different areas, we are working on a few different products which is really exciting. Very hush, hush! I feel very fortunate to do something I love, but best of all I get to share what I do with like-minded people and I see that as a real privilege.,

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