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5 Working From Home Tips for Small Businesses

20 Mar 2020

Become a master of online marketing in these uncertain financial times with these innovative ideas that will keep profits flowing…

1) Outline Your Business Strategy

Now more than ever, consumers will welcome information about your business and what business plans you will be making over the coming weeks as the majority of the UK and beyond practises self-isolation. Consider sending out letters or emails to outline your ideas which may include some of the suggestions below. It might also be a good idea to set up a weekly newsletter so that you can stay in touch with crafters and alert them to any news you may have.

2) Consider Your Marketing Angles

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to think long and hard about the angle of your marketing plan.

Try to be a source of uplifting and inspirational content which will draw in customers who may be worried about the current state of affairs. Sharing projects that promote mindfulness and mental wellbeing is a great way to market your products, as more and more people self-isolate due to COVID-19, these ideas will be a valuable source of positivity to your customers. Crafters are a thrifty bunch all year round, but in the coming months it’s likely that this type of consumer will be even more cautious with their money due to limited income. Think of projects that make use of supplies that your customers may already own, with embellishments or accessories that they can easily purchase from you. Flash sales that focus on essential items is another good way to convince consumers to part with their cash during these uncertain times.

3) Spruce Up Your Website

Consider supporting a fellow small business by paying a web developer to improve your website. Online sales will be crucial over the next few months as customers become unable to visit you in store and will rely on online orders. Therefore it’s so important to provide a highly-functional and easy-to-use website where potential customers can find everything they need and checkout quickly.

4) Hone Your Social Media Skills

With extra time spent working from home and away from your bricks and mortar store, you may have a chance to invest more time into communicating with your customers via social media. Remember to consider the fact that Facebook posts are more likely to target an older audience, while younger crafters will favour Instagram. Try to tailor your content to appeal to that specific audience. For example, you might post polls and quizzes on your Instagram Stories to get an insight into the wants and needs of crafters, while Facebook is a great opportunity to invite customers to share what they’re working on via comments and photos. It’s also a good idea to look into the best times to post on the respective platforms. For example, many studies have shown that mid-week Facebook posts between 1pm and 4pm receive the most exposure, while Thursdays between 3pm and 4pm are particularly successful for Instagram.

5) Put Yourself in the Spotlight

If you have previously interacted with your customers in-store and engaged in lots of face-to-face conversation about crafting advice and recommended products, then why not keep that relationship going online? Write blog posts in your own voice and make it clear that you are writing them, or check in with customers via Facebook and social media stories by updating them on your business plans and any exciting news you have to share. This will build on your brand’s personality and these efforts may also help to increase your followings.

You can read the full article with even more fantastic tips in the May issue of Craft Business magazine, which will be available from 24th April.

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