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5 minutes with… Yogesh Karia, Royal Talens Country Manager UK & Ireland

28 Jun 2018

How did you become involved with Royal Talens?

The company has a celebrated standing globally amongst students, artist, and leisure painters, I was asked to join the organisation, without hesitation I accepted, with its amazing assortment of products and brands, from Sakura, Bruynzeel to Royal Talens, the decision was easy!

What is the best part about your job?

With the market in continuous evolution, across Fine Art and Creative Sectors, our product categories have relevance and so its most rewarding when talking to perspective clients and/or end users to share and demonstrate the versatility of the range, observing their enthusiasm

How do you develop new products?

Our NPD program is as progressive as it is innovative. In fact, in 2017 we launched 369 new products, and for 2018 we should equal this. Our programs are driven by product extensions, market trends and continual development incorporating new materials and concepts which help and shape our products and offering z The company has been trading for over 100 years.

How important is Royal Talen’s heritage?

Our values drive us in everything we strive to achieve, this is within our DNA. At the heart is the desire for continuous development and investment in the Royal Talens family, its employees, secondly working with Royal Talens Foundation, to help improve the lives of underprivileged children, through creative expression like drawing and painting.

This develops the brain, gives confidence, improves our motor and visual skills and teaches us to focus and to be persistent. It inspires creative thinking and helps us to see new opportunities and solutions.

What trends do you see coming through for the rest of the year?

The openness and encouragement to self-expression whether painting and or creative hand lettering, this will continue, whether using a fine liner pen, or Brush pen or ultimately a Quail, this can only benefit both the end user as it will the purveyor of such materials. For us, we have over the last 18 months, seen dramatic appreciation of creative hand lettering, and this is even more encouraging as it is seen across all age groups from young students to seasoned letter writers.

What does the future hold for Royal Talens?

The future is Orange, being a Dutch company. Historically in the UK, we worked through wholesalers defined by Key Sales Channels, however, back in 2015 the decision was made to have a Sales & Marketing platform. Working with our historical partners and now with a direct sales team we have seen greater product and brand visibility amongst the UK customer base, whilst this is just the beginning, we are already expanding by increasing the sales team to meet the demand from our customers and their respective customers, the end user.

If you could offer your younger self some advice what would it be?

Patience, honesty, listen and perseverance. I find its all too easy to sometimes forget key values in this disposable, quick change society that is often thrust upon us.

Are you creative personally and if so what is your hobby?

With many years in both the Fine Art & Stationery/Craft industry, sadly I am still a student whether painting to card making. However, whenever possible, I will and often do, sit in workshops to test, sample and enjoy sharing and listening to feedback from our audience, there is no better clearer endorsements, whether positive or constrictive

Which artists do you admire?

Jackson Pollock, the abstract expressionist artist, for the random expression of ones feeling and emotions, whether pencil to paper or paint to canvas. Most of his works have an accidental, yet unique signature. All his works, I believe inspire creative expression and are so easy to follow whilst not expecting one to contest the contents or meaning behind the painting

What do you do to relax?

Family is important to, so I try and spend as much time with them, alternatively I have been a keen but poor student in the art of golf.

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