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April 2018

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As a craft industry journalist, it’s important for me to become entrenched within the industry. It’s part of my job to know the pressures and motivators within our sector that drive every business owner, from the large manufacturers and distributors, right the way through to the bricks-and-mortar high street craft shop.

Sometimes, however, it can be a breath of fresh air to momentarily get a glimpse at how the wider world sees the our industry, and that was an insight I was offered when I was invited to speak on BBC Breakfast for their business segment.

We filmed at the Creative Craft Show at the ExCel London and the Beeb talked about how booming the UK’s creative industries were, how we’re seeing an upsurge in younger generations taking up craft as an antidote to screen time and how suddenly, the area we’ve all been working in for years is really rather… well, cool!

And it’s not hard to see why. Craft works hand-in-hand with trend-creating social media, allowing makers to reach out and connect with others for advice and inspiration, or often, just to show off their brilliant projects.

It was fascinating to see how slick productions like BBC Breakfast are put together at pace, but what was even more informative was what a positive view the whole business sector has on our industry. Sure, sometimes we can become disheartened, especially in these uncertain times, but leaving the Creative Craft Show filled me with a sense of optimism.

With so many inspiring business people joining our ranks and with the world’s spotlight firmly on us, the future of craft is looking pretty good right now.

April 2018

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