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Annual Buyers Guide

Craft Business Annual Buyers Guide

Presented in a neat, pocket format that can sit under the counter ready to be whipped out and consulted at a moment's notice, the Craft Business Annual Buyers Guide is an essential tool. Whether you are seeking a new luxury yarn, a selection of backing papers or a new range of beautiful beads, this info-packed tome is the perfect partner. With hundreds of listings, the comprehensive guide is perfect for any craft retailer who wants to track down quality products and ensure their business stays well ahead of the competition..

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Lily Bee Design

Linda McDonald, Inc

Linda Swingle Art Studios

Lindsay Obermeyer

Lindsay Ostrom

Lineco / University Products

Linpeng Int'l Inc

Linton Tweeds Ltd

Lion Brand Yarn Co

Lisa Pavelka

Little Claire Designs

Little Star Stitches

Little Stitchers

Little Trimmings

Little Yellow Bicycle/The C-Thru Ruler Company

Liz Paper


London Bead Co/Delicate Stitches, The

Longridge Mount Cutters

Looby Lou Designs

Loralie Designs

Lorine Mason Designs

Lot 26 Studio Inc

Louisa Mclean

LP Creative Products

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