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What can winning a Craft Business Award do for you?

16 Aug 2019

Winning a Craft Business Award can mean a lot to businesses....


TRIED AND TESTED: Everything you want for your garden journaling needs

05 Sep 2017

Everybody is journaling these days and this new Pewter Journal Garden Notes Kit from Peak Dale...

Sequin Art joins the toy box revolution

16 Aug 2019

Sequin Art, a toy and crafts manufacturer and distributor based in Norfolk, became the first craft-...


A Felt-filled Fairy Tale World

by Craft Business

Inspired by her lifelong love of fairy tales, award-winning ‘feltrepreneur’ and author, Lisa Marie Olson, welcomes Angela Sara West into her wonderful felt-tastic world

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Quilting is stitched into history

by Craft Business

Leslie Levy, the Executive Director of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska, talks talk about the importance of quilting, why the museum has such an impact on quilting, and what makes the Baltimore Album quilts so special

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Jenniffer Taylor wants you to join The #sewingrevolution!

by Craft Business

Angela Sara West talks to inspirational sewing ambassador and author, Jenniffer Taylor, about her empowering sewing journey, the new ‘Tiny’ inspiration in her craft life, book number two, and her continuing mission to get the nation sewing

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