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Airbrushing and the craft market make perfect partners

14 Oct 2017
By John Gatimu

Lisa Munro, marketing manager at the Airbrush Company Ltd, explains how you can entice your customers to learn a new skill.

The Airbrush Company Ltd is a family-run business with a 70- year history in airbrushing in the UK. They have extensive technical knowledge and experience, offering friendly professional support to trade customers.

They are UK distributors for top airbrushing brands Iwata and Sparmax, with a vast range of equipment like paints, accessories, stencils and educational materials made specifically for airbrushing.

Airbrushing is a natural partner to the craft market. Whether it is decoration of a flat surface or applying colour to elaborate three dimensional objects, the airbrush is an amazing creative tool that offers unlimited colourful solutions to crafters, bakers’ artists and more.

Airbrushing adds real depth to crafts and artwork, making flat pieces appear more vibrant and sculpted pieces more lifelike. The key is in how the airbrush applies the colour. An airbrush atomises and distributes paint so finely that it creates an even layer of colour which cannot be replicated with pens, pencils or brushes.

The main question that most new users have is “how easy they will find it to learn the skill of airbrushing?” Contrary to many people’s expectations airbrushing really is easy. The single most important airbrushing skill – the ability to create a smoothly graded colour fade – can be mastered in minutes. This particular skill is useful in so many ways; from just subtly tinting a surface with colour, or creating incredibly lifelike finishes on all types of surfaces.

Demos and workshops are an excellent way to reach customers directly and show them the unique effects that airbrushing can produce. The Airbrush Company have training facilities that offer retail and trade customers regular training classes aimed at beginners and more experienced users. Customers are delighted to see how easy airbrushing can be and what effects they can achieve on their very first try, fine pencil lines are easy with a good quality airbrush, not just a wide spray pattern.

Crafters often work on multiple projects in different areas of art and crafts, trying new things as they come on the market. An airbrush kit can be used for numerous applications such as paper craft, cake decorating, fabric painting, cosmetics, modelling, nail art, wood decoration and much more. This makes it an invaluable tool for the crafter who can incorporate it in endless projects.

There are many airbrushes in today’s market and not all of them are made to a high standard. With a 70 year history in manufacturing, selling and servicing airbrushes, The Airbrush Company know what makes a good quality airbrush.

Iwata and Sparmax airbrushes give consistent performance and deliver perfect even coverage every time. They atomise well at lower air pressures, giving you more control, less overspray and the choice of using quieter and smaller air compressors, perfect for use in small craft spaces.

The Airbrush Company stock several attractive kits such as the new Neo for Iwata Kit (previously reviewed in the February issue). This kit contains everything needed to get started including the airbrush, hose, compressor, paints, cleaner and basic airbrushing exercises.

The Airbrush Company Ltd

01903 767800

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